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Godofredo Castro vs. Milton Vieira

Round 1:
Mario Yamaskai is our referee. Castro misses wildly with a leg kick. Vieira connects with a body kick. Another leg kick finds its mark for Castro. Vieira eats a right hand and answers by taking Castro down, landing in full guard. Vieira goes body-body-head from the top. Castro briefly looks for a kimura but thinks better of it after eating a big elbow. Vieira takes Castro's back in a scramble. Castro slithers out, and in the ensuing exchange, rockets a kick to Vieira's groin. Vieira takes his time to recover, and we're back. "Pepe" charges forward, clinches and nearly connects with a knee to the head. Vieira reverses a takedown, landing on top directly in side control. Castro explodes to his feet, runs across the cage with Vieira on his back, and spins out. Vieira hunts for a single leg as the horn sounds.

Round 2:
Vieira opens with a missed kick to the body. Castro launches forward, only to be planted onto his back. Vieira on top in full guard. "Pepe" throws a few Florian-esque elbows from the bottom. Castro seizes a kimura. Vieira defends the submission, but Castro uses his leverage to sweep into full mount. Vieira gives up his back. Castro with a body lock wrapped around Vieira's waist. "Pepe" softening up Vieira with punches, occasionally looking to sink one of his hooks in for a rear-naked choke. Vieira just turtling up at his point. Castro is stifling.

Round 3:
"Pepey" pumps his jab before throwing out a little Ali Shuffle. Vieira lazily changes levels for a single. Castro continues to push the pace, unloading a wild flurry. Big right hand connects for Vieira as both fighters wave on the crowd. The fight hits the fence. Vieira grasps for a kimura, eventually using the submission to secure a takedown. Vieira working from Castro's guard. Yamasaki stands the fight up. Vieira promptly slips a combination and plants "Pepey" back down on the mat. Castro throws up his legs looking for a submission, but nothing gives. Vieira rains down a few hammerfists from the top. Vieira starts to pour it on as the fight comes to a close.

Godofredo Castro def. Milton Vieira via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

The crowd was not pleased...
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