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Wagner Prado vs. Ildemar Alcantara

Round 1:
Referee Mario Yamasaki oversees the action. Prado, sporting an amazing 1980's moustache, immediately tosses out a high kick. Prado flurries. Looping overhand lands on Alcantara's chin. Alcantara ties up, but Prado has none of it. Front kick lands for Alcantara. Prado responds with a leg kick, followed by an uppercut. Alcantara lands a stiff knee inside the clinch. Prado misses wildly with an overhand left. Right hook pushes Alcantara back in his tracks. Alcantara paws out his jab. Prado rushes inside and connects with a right hook to the chin. An Alcantara head kick is blocked. Huge right hook lands for Pardo. The Brazilian crowd growing a little restless. Alcantara changes levels and plants Prado on his back, landing in full guard. Prado ties up, and the stand-up comes quickly from Yamasaki. Prado bulldozes inside and stumbles Alcantara with a big knee right at the horn.

Round 2:
Prado lands first with a right hook. And another. Alcantara responds with a stiff jab. Prado presses forward but winds up on his back, with Alcantara on top in half guard. Prado scrambles out. Alcantara tries to seize a d'arce choke. It's too slippery and Prado reverses to top position. Prado unloads some wide punches from half guard. Alcantara rolls and looks for a leglock. Oh man, he might have it. Alcantara adjusts and cranks on Prado's ankle. Prado taps! Good debut for Alcantara.

Ildermar Alcantara def. Wagner Prado via submission (kneebar) at 2:39 of round 2.
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