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We have an update.

The British Prime Minister cancelled his European Speech due to the African Oil Hostage crisis...But he has reschedualed it for next week.

upon hearing that, the Prime Minister received a DIRECT CALL from The President of the United States of America, who told him that if he went ahead with the speech and dared to give his people a say in a European Union Referendum, that our "special relationship" would pretty much be over.

Would that be the special relationship that means when America tells us to jump, we ask how high? perhaps it is not in our best interest to have a "special Relationship" with someone who is always tettering on the edge of a fiscal cliff.

I get it that its in Americas best interest for a strong British Voice in Europe...why? because it is the ONLY way America has any control over Europe since she is made of nations who went cold on the US about Ten Years ago....What is unbelievable, is that in the sake of HIS Nations best interest...please note WE are NOT an American State...he would tell another world leader to act like a despot and not listen to the voice of their people....and then assume that those people considered him friendly towards them...? I get that that is how States within the Federation act...but...we are not in His Federation.

The President of the United States of America hath NO Jurisdiction in this realm of England...The Truth is, only in America is it believed that we DO have a "special relationship" The people of England have no wish to join the American Federation...We value our own State Soverignty...that is why we dont want to be part of a European Federation either...We would like to be FREE...I dont understand why that is such a difficult concept for America to understand...the Federal Government, may have effectively torn up the Constitution...but in England, the founding documents of Our "Constitution" are still adhered to...and we wish a resurgence of those values in the wake of a monster rising in Europe much akin to your Federal Government post your Civil War...We dont want that...and whats more...I have every faith that just as the Prime Minister is ignoring Germany, the Opposition, and his coillition partners...He WILL defy America...just as he did with the Extradition Treaty.

The sooner the White House, Congress, and the American people catch on, the better. Now the United States can go represent itself in Europe rather then spunging off our good name. Now the United States can deal with Soverign nations who have no quarms in telling them to piss off when they have overstept the mark....and if President Obama is really wanting to soil relations with one of the few countries which up to now HAS done his bidding, HAS been friendly to him, HAS supported him...perhaps he would like to remove his Listening Posts from Englands Soil...and see if France would like them instead....or any European Country...And I think if he dared to forge some kind of alliance with might just see us stand "shoulder to Shoulder" with China and Russia

This...if you bother to hold to the principles of the Declairation of Independance is what Soverign States are permitted to do...make, and change trade negotiations with whomever they want...I assume just as that applied to the Collonies trading with France at a time of war within the