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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
Yes...Horse meat is completely safe....the "problem" is that you cant advertize "Beef Burgers" and discover they are NOT Beef Burgers...thats called False Advertizing, which is a form a fraud....You are taking money from someone, but you are not giving what you promised....its about Trading Standards...

its also about the fact that Tesco didnt know it was selling Horse...well if they dont know what their suppliers are giving do they actually know what they are selling to the public....and whilst Horse wont kill you...there are things that if they get into the food chain CAN kill...when you have a supermarket as large as Tesco make a balls up on something like can you trust them with anything else...?

Trust is as much at the heart of Retail as it is the heart of Banking....entire structures that our lives depend upon completely based on trust...its...horrifying when deep down, you must know, you cant trust anyone, or anything these days

but you can trust me Dave....ill never try to sell you horse meat and tell you its cow meat...
and you can take that to the bank !
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