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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
sorry, are you new here???

good to see you back bro ... i'd like to see the fight also .. 75/25 pbf tho ... manny has little bargaining power now!
Thanks brother

I agree that Manny has a lot less bargaining power, however there is still some major marketability that can be milked from it. If they potentially sold it as Manny's "farewell" fight, where it's all or nothing, fans would buy into that. Couple that along with the angle that it's Mayweather's "toughest fight" (even if it's not) and people will eat it up. Sure, he got KO'd by Marquez, but Pacquiao supporters would argue that he technically beat JMM 3 times and it only takes one good shot to end any fight (which is true).

If I was forced to make a bet one way or the other, at this point, I would say it's probably not gonna happen. Which also means I have to admit I was wrong all these years in saying I truly believed it would happen. I do believe strongly that it would have happened last year if Floyd wasn't a moron and got himself locked up, but it is what it is. Boxing will go on, with or without these two.
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