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Originally Posted by adamt View Post
maybe it is all fake.....there are some very convincing arguments that it is just an elaborate hoax

maybe the canadians decided they don't want to lie to their citizens and that is why they don't have these "mass shootings"

what do you know other than what you see on tv?

the same tv that can and does depict things so realistically it looks like they filmed it live

heck jurassic park could make the case that dinosaurs are real, who are we to say they aren't
I've been starting to wonder about this myself. We just take for granted that everything we see on the news is legitimate, so it would be extremely easy to stage an event like the one in Connecticut. In fact, I expected that there would be another shooting incident within a few days after the concealed carry ban was struck down in Illinois (Obama's home state). Plus, we know that the Obama Administration has been lying through its teeth about the whole "fast and furious" gun-running scandal.

If it's making people so willing to just hand over the freedoms that Americans have fought for over the last 236 years, then I think we really do need to question whether this event actually happened or not.
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