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Originally Posted by flo View Post
Perfect, lol!

I needed a laugh after watching the staged presentation this morning. I think County Mike is right. There is already a response out on the internet by "anonymous" (of course, youtube stopped the viewcount). This whole thing is getting really creepy.
jeez .. now i get it ... but i had to cheat ... LOL ... good one flo!!!!!!

and i think what obama has done is great ... anytime someone says gun control, people immediately go and say they are trying to take my guns away ... that isn't the case ... it just makes the pro-gun people look like lunatics with that talk ... and it also would help if someone from the pro-gun side who wasn't a moron would stand up and speak ... right now you have draft-dodging, pedophiles like ted nugent and a complete moron like alex jones doing all the talking ... really ... doesn't do the pro-gun side any justice!!!
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