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Originally Posted by adamt View Post
i understand why you think guns are the problem, i just don't agree
i don't think it is a fair assessment to say that we think guns are the solution to our problems, we don't believe that at all, we just so adamantly believe that guns are not the problem that we are incredibly protective of our guns, we are so sure that they are not the problem that we refuse to give them up

i think the problem is the lack of morals to do such a thing, and the lack of God's protection on us to prevent such things

i think God's hand of protection is gone because we are so sinful, yet we actually claim to be christians,

i think that is something that we would strongly disagree on brad

brad, at least you are an atheist, you stand up for what you believe, but millions of americans are enjoying the ambiance of being a christian but they don't suffer the hardships of actually living that life, thusly we don't enjoy God's protection
while I may not believe what you do when it comes to God I actually do believe in think God protects people that live a life of worship
and I believe God influences nothing of our day to day lives at all...
and that's no matter who you are,good or evil.

I really believe God lets the chips fall where they may and our journey through
life is just a test and that test of our humanity is the reason we are all here.

so put down the guns and pass the test damn it !

just jk....but only about part of that.
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