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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
Not really, because all you need to do is arm the weak and helpless populations and they stop being so weak and helpless. If the government controls all the guns then you would be right. This is why "gun control" is the enemy of freedom, not a guarantee of freedom.
i wouldn't say that gun control is the enemy of freedom .. i'd say we have gun control up here ... but i can go and buy guns and own them all i want ..i can't get assault rifles, but i can get a license pretty easily for guns and stockpile as many guns as i want .. our guns are controlled in a sense that i can't walk around wherever armed ... i can use them for protecting my home, hunting whatever, but the control is that they are not allowed in public .. i understand that some think it starts at controlling when and where you can carry guns ... but i don't see it that way .. i don't think the govt is trying to take away your guns ... but like someone said, we are never going to agree on this and can argue til the cows come home!
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