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I used to like Fighters Only, a British MMA Magazine....which started publication in the US around the time I last went on Tour...the numbering is different in the US, I'm not sure if the whole magazine is different or not.

I went off Fighters Only when they put poor Hywel Teague to the axe. He, IMHO is the best MMA Journalist in the entire world...I havent seen ANYONE come close to his level of writing...not online, and not in any other Magazine...I tried several other Magazines whose names slip my mind...but nothing that was as good as what Fighters Only was.

The nice thing about Fighters Only is that it was a British Publication that became mainstream in local news agents. It did tremendously well in a Country where MMA is NOT Mainstream, it wasnt then, and isnt now. They also covered European, Russian, and the there was FAR more then just the latest from the UFC Monopoly....I imagine that has changed now also with a publication in the US...I dont know how well adapted for the American Audience that is, nor how well its accepted...but it cant be too bad because the Magazine still runs.

However...for me, it was never the same after Hywel Teague left.
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