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Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
That statement is is pure ignorance. USA is not a culture of violence. At least, no more than the majority of other countries. If you check the stats based on the population (ie: Number of homicides per 100,000 residents) we're way down the list. We just have a lot of people, so our total number of homicides seems really high compared to countries with a much smaller population.
I wouldn't say that the us is a culture of violence .. but I don't think you can ignore the homicide rates with guns ... they are way down the list on the grand scheme of things, developing countries and eastern euro are at the top of the list, but among developed countries, the us is near the top of the list ... anti gun people are going to say its due to the availability of guns and pro gun folks are going to say its because there are not enough guns .... the us is never going to get rid of guns ... but when you have guys like adam posting things like violence is good ^^^^^^ it doesn't really paint a pretty picture if others think like that ...
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