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Originally Posted by Play The Man View Post
This is a link to the Ruger website advocacy page. They will send copies of the letter below, in your name, to: "the President, Vice-President, your Senators, Representative, Governor, Lieutenant Governor, State-Level Elected Officials and State Attorney General." All you have to do is enter your contact information.
excellent link thanks

Originally Posted by BradW View Post
the USA for the most part is a culture of violence...
and that is what separate's you guys from the rest of the free world.

but its not your fault...its what you have been taught and until you decide to teach your children something different it will always be that way.
yep!!! and proud of it.... some people think that violence is bad, they also misunderstand and misconstrue what violence is

God is a God of violence, read the OT

God is still God of violence, read the New Testament....

violence isn't to be a predominating part of your personality, but God uses violence

The USA was founded by violence, Israel was founded by violence, it's too bad, but in a war of good vs evil, violence is necessary

read Revelation and tell me if you think Jesus is violent

david killed goliath in a violent way, king david went out and killed two hundred phillistines and cut off their foreskins as a dowry to king saul for his that violent?

samson killed 1000 people!!!!! with the jaw bone of a donkey, is that violent

God destroyed the whole planet with a flood, God answered Elijah's sacrifice then they killed 400 prophets of baal

evil must be answered with violence, any culture that is not violent is a lukewarm or entirely evil culture that is disposable
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