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Default US Threatens England over EU Referendum!

its funny...because the Prime Minister is going to Europe at the end of the month, and people really believe he is going to lay down an alternate vision for the continent.

It is speculated that he will tell all in the Union that he intends on giving a Referendum to the British Public with an In/Out vote to remaining part of the European Union.

This is one of the very hot topics in the country at enough that many people who wouldnt usually vote have said that on the case of leaving Europe they definately would.

Its Strange that the Prime Minister has not even made the speech yet, and TWO prominent Countries have already asserted their opinions on it. Both Countries are evidently frightened that giving the public a democratic vote on Europe will lead to the truth...that most British people do no want to be part of a Federal State system in Europe. Both Countries have actually told David Cameron NOT to let the public decide.

I suppose thats expected from Germany, who sent a delegation telling the Prime Minister that it would be a shame if England was isolated. Of Course, Germany stands to miss our increadible money which flows into their coffers being part of the Union. We are a HUGE contributor...the loss of funds would be sore missed.

However, how shocking it is that our "special friends" would not only want to see us stuck in a left wing socialistic federation that THEY would not tollerate, but actually think our Government should completely ignore its people, and not even give us the opportunity to voice our Opinion...because, evidently those "GOD-Given Rights" enjoyed by Americans, are not to be applied to others...not even friends...infact...Washington made clear that we would looose our "special friends" status if we decided to pull out of Europe.

Here is the 2003 the American Administration alienated Europeans so much (those members of course duplicated in the United Nations) that relations between Europe and America only seem to go through England...Just one of the ways we act like one of your bondaged States, doing your buisness...anyone would think we were the US ambassidor to Europe?

The Americans want "A strong british voice in brussels" because its THEIR Voice. If England pulls out, America would have to deal with these Europeans directly...and its difficult dealing with people who wont jump at your trumped up Federations beck and call isnt it.

Just another reason to despise Barack Obama I suppose...The thing is...I dont think that David Cameron will faulter here...because even his coillition partners think he shouldnt ask the public, and he's completely blanking them...if he's blanking the deputy prime minister over europe...I think the President of the United States of America, and The German Chancellor of Europe shouldnt be too hard to ignore either.

But this will be a tough challenge for him. England, under his leadership, have finally dared to stand up to this growing union of Europe...but the true test, when push comes to shove...will our prime minister do what is right for England, even if it means saying NO to the Americans...If he wants to show that the days of being the US Foreign Office for the past decade is over...thats what he must do.

I hope I havent offended anyone here...but lets be absolutely straight...the President of the United States has NO Jurisdiction in this Realm of England. He does NOT have the right to make demands of our Government, particularly those that fly AGAINST everything his own ethos stands for....You dont find the British Prime Minister speaking about what America must or must not do, or else we wont be your special friends anymore...He should try looking after his own fiscal cliff, rather then being focused on what might happen to ours if we leave Europe.

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