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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
well, i don't know what the process is of getting a concealed carry permit .. is it just a background check to say they have no criminal history? is there mandatory training for handling, using etc the gun in crowded areas such as classes or schools? is there target practice testing they have to do to show they can actually shoot the thing ... and then when this is in place, have the parents in the school voted to give their ok that teachers who have permits are granted permission ... i think you would probably have very little schools getting passing votes on teachers carrying guns ..
The background check is what everyone needs just to purchase a gun, regardless of whether they want to carry a concealed weapon or not. The specific laws differ from state to state, but usually people have to attend a gun safety class in order to get the concealed carry permit. So you can own a gun without being allowed concealed carry. That's how it is in Illinois right now, because concealed carry has been illegal in this state. However, they just struck down that ban last month, so we should have the ability to get a concealed carry permit here soon. Illinois was actually the very last hold-out state that banned the carrying of concealed firearms. Now it's legal across all 50 states.

I have no problem with allowing the people in that school district to vote on whether or not their teachers are allowed concealed carry on school grounds. Let the people decide for themselves what's right for their specific area, don't let the government force its will upon them. You say that you think very few parents would vote to allow it in their schools, but I think it would be just the opposite.
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