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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
if parents in a certain district want guards for a school and if they agree to a tax increase to get a company to do it, sure .. why not ... at least the company is hired for that specific task and trained on it ... its not so much teachers that are incompetent, its the whole issue of their job .. if the shooting happened in a dmv would the talk be arming all tellers at the dmv? or after the shooting at the theatre, was their talk of arming all those who work the concession stands? imo, if you are going to arm people as part of their jobs, its easier said than done ... do they get compensated? who buys the guns and ammo, who pays license fees and for training? how often are they trained? did they also get resiliency training so they don't go postal now that they have a loaded gun in the room .. i wouldn't feel safe sending my kids to a school with an armed teacher (or to the movies with armed tellers) if many of these questions have been thoroughly answered ..
You seem to be working under the assumption that we're talking about forcing guns into the hands of teachers who have never touched a gun in their life and aren't comfortable with handling them. I think most of us are talking about simply giving teachers the option to carry a concealed weapon, but only if they want to AND only if they have gone through the process of getting a concealed-carry license.

I wouldn't want an inexperienced teacher, who is scared to death of guns, to be carrying a gun around a bunch of school kids either. However, nobody here is proposing that.
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