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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
I would prefer that too. It's not that I like the idea, but, we might need to look at it as a realistic option. You know how they tell parents with babies and toddlers to go through their house, each room, and get low to the ground so they're seeing things from the baby's level, to better see all the possible dangers, that's the approach we need to start taking with our schools. If we're going to protect our children better, we need to look at our kids and schools like the bad guys do, as sitting targets in a death trap.
Good point.

Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
Imagine a scenario where a lunatic walks into a classroom and starts shooting. Then moves to the next classroom. If that teacher has access to a firearm he/she could act immediately when the lunatic comes in rather than waiting for the armed guard (or whoever) to arrive. If the guard is at the other end of the school, he might not even know what's happening until it's too late. Armed teachers might not prevent every murder, but I think they could at least reduce the number.

Of course, this would be for teachers who choose the option and are trained in the use and handling of a firearm. Best scenario, lunatic doesn't even enter school because he knows some of the staff are armed.
Very good point.

Originally Posted by flo View Post
I was a little uneasy with it too but after reading the article I linked to, it did change my mind. Here is the pertinent segment:

Makes a lot of sense, IMO.
I read it, too. I could be swayed.

Originally Posted by Play The Man View Post
Reasonable. I think if it ever did happen it should be voluntary and perhaps 5-10% of teachers would take up the responsibility. It wouldn't be perfect but it might help. If they were concealed carry the shooter would not know who was armed. In his mind, all of them could be armed.
Okay. I changed my mind.

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