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Originally Posted by Neezar View Post
I still don't like the idea of a teacher having a firearm. I would rather have an armed law enforcement officer. I think the teachers should be protecting/getting the kids to safety without worrying about readying a firearm and preparing for confrontation. Then the officer could solely concentrate on the offender knowing the staff are tending the kids. I wouldn't want a teacher to have two priorities to deal with.
I would prefer that too. It's not that I like the idea, but, we might need to look at it as a realistic option. You know how they tell parents with babies and toddlers to go through their house, each room, and get low to the ground so they're seeing things from the baby's level, to better see all the possible dangers, that's the approach we need to start taking with our schools. If we're going to protect our children better, we need to look at our kids and schools like the bad guys do, as sitting targets in a death trap.

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