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Originally Posted by Play The Man View Post
If you care about the Second Amendment now is the time to speak up. NRA membership is $35. You don't have to be a gun owner. Act now or our children will be disarmed.

perfect post placement ptm, per usual

Originally Posted by flo View Post
Loved your video, Adam. Was there a lot of recoil, does it hurt your shoulder? It still looks like a blast to shoot.

Thanks, PTM, for the link. We aren't members of the NRA and I hadn't even thought of it (even though we are gun owners and will NOT be disarmed).
i've never had any issues with being bothered by recoil, so no, recoil is a non factor, it is fun to shoot, but hard on the wallet the worst part about shooting a gun like this would be the muzzle jump, but ak's have a muzzle brake that uses escaping gas to keep the barrel steady, so that isn't much of an issue either

Originally Posted by huan View Post
lol, nice bump fire stock. I concur with the sentiment behind starting this thread...

anyone going to be at SHOT next week?

i wish i could go to the shot show, maybe someday
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