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Originally Posted by CAVEMAN1 View Post
Thanks for clarifying. When I originally read that I thought, WOW that can't be good for gay people. Heck, drunks and druggies as well..... Sharia Muslims would conduct hangings.
I'd hazzard a guess that in central cities...against their own people, they may still be very tempted....if these private courts hold sway amoung the general population of muslims...and I dont know how well put together their networks could easily see an islamic offender being...well...have you ever heard of the word Fatwa.

If someone is respected enough in Islam they can make a death threat, publically towards someone they feel deserves it under Sharia, and everyone of the Faithful are permitted and encouraged to carry out their that way, it has a horrible, almost, fraternal side to it, especially when its underground in private would never know who was a member....and, if you were a Member, you might suddenly find that it was viewed as part of your code of loyalty to carry out such a threat.

In major Islamic Countries, these issues are not limited to followers of Islam either, they could be pronounced against anyone, and any Muslim, anywhere, in theory could carry out the threat.

Underground, this religion doesnt act like a acts like a secret society, or a Brotherhood...its like an Evil Opus Dei or something or a sour masonic lodge, where male members...and I have to say it becomes more obvious when viewed like this, why their is so much disparagy between gender...perhaps the idea that women are "oppressed" is a western interpretation, because westerners may not understand that the demands on the gender may be equally as oppressive...but different.

Whilst the woman is at home, with the family...perhaps you oughta be asking what the head of the household is up to?
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