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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
Those are not Legal Courts in terms of recognition. England has been tollerant of private courts for religious affaires governing themselves so long as they dont apply their laws to others, BUT its no more then a verbal theory if you were a muslim and this private court didnt settle in your favour, you could go to the real courts to prevent you from harm...does that make sense?

it was originally a Jewish thing, and as England basically turned a blind eye to it, the Muslims wanted to do the same...but its not full Sharia...its only Civil Law...because anything more would contravene British Law which obviously cant be tollerated..

...unless you listen to the Archbishop of Canterbury...who thinks Sharia should be fully implemented, but only govern the Muslims of if your a homosexual muslim I suppose
Thanks for clarifying. When I originally read that I thought, WOW that can't be good for gay people. Heck, drunks and druggies as well..... Sharia Muslims would conduct hangings.
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