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Originally Posted by Neezar View Post
1) Why could you not hang yourself at the spur of the moment?

2) We had 3+ suicides by hanging in the past six months. And that is only the ones that came in on my shift. (Although one may have been an accident.)

3) And speaking of pain killers, more people died in the US in 2010 from prescription drugs than they did from traffic accidents.
1) Well, because it would take more planning, wouldnt it I mean, you have to get the rope, you have to find something high enough which you can reach that will support your full weight...and you have to get the drop right or else its not such a pretty way to go....that doesnt seem like something you'd be able to do without thinking....whereas reaching into your pocket, and pulling out a firearm seems a little bit more simple....I dont know...perhaps I'm wrong with that

2) thats horrible ...I presume the accident was death by missadventure

3) I'm talking about non-perscription England, they have more control over cant "ask" for a have to fit a criteria to the doctors thinking for them to release it...soooo in England its usually non-perscription drugs...I think that people feel its a less painful way to go...but I'm not sure thats true...just coz it looks peaceful doesnt mean it feels that way from the inside...I mean, people in coma look peaceful, but often they are like trapped in a sleep they want to wake up from but cant
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