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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post

....Just a small push at the most inopportune moment...


I think it makes Suicide too easy also, when people, maybe only for a short time, are not in their right mind....In England, killing yourself isnt as easy as you might think...people tend to throw themselves infront of tube trains...Shooting yourself might be quick and painless presumably...but hanging yourself...well...that might actually be something you cant do on the spur of the moment....having said that, you'd then have to ban all painkillers...coz thats how people do it over here...they overdose on medication and just hope they dont wake up. The time it takes to plan and get the resources can be life saving if people come to their sences...the time it takes to shoot yourself with a gun you already own doesnt allow for that.
Why could you not hang yourself at the spur of the moment?

We had 3+ suicides by hanging in the past six months. And that is only the ones that came in on my shift. (Although one may have been an accident.)

And speaking of pain killers, more people died in the US in 2010 from prescription drugs than they did from traffic accidents.
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