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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post

The total Irony is that George Washington actually had deeply held respect for the Monarchy, for its position, for its power..

-Then why didn't he want that for us?

AND for what it was worth...which is why he was challenging in the first place. He felt mis treated by the institution that should have been supporting him, and he felt the credibility divide was too much for reconcilliation. But what he never advocated was any kind of abolition.

What's your point? Is anyone here advocating any kind of abolition for your monarchy?

He didnt want to free England from Tyrany...Just the collonial outposts. The Venom with which one of you has spoken against a Reigning Monarch who has given nothing but the most exemplory of service to her subjects, is sickening...and would be sickening to any 1700 American or English.

You should read of some of the venom spewed by our leaders (in public forums) at the time. No one here has come close to matching the hatred towards parliment and the king that was felt by those men.
I do applaud your mastery at diversion.
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