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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
Then you should cancel any plans you have to move to America, this is not the country for you.

Probably less then half of all americans even believe in the Christian GOD, therefore, logically they cant believe in GOD given anything. I cancelled my plans to move to the State in 2009, if you were paying more attention you would know why. Ironically, I dont feel they have adequet Employment Rights...Something evidently NOT GOD Given according to America

So, the right to life is something granted by a human-run government? If a government decides you have no right to live would you willingly allow them to terminate your life? If you say "no" then you have just contradicted your own argument.

I Would recognise they had the Authority to make the rulling. Willingness has nothing to do with it. I would run, hide, and leave the country. I didnt say that I loved all laws...just that Governments have the authority to make them. In some countries, people like me ARE terminated.

What about property rights? Is that something granted by a government? Can the government come into your house and take all of your possessions and drained your bank account? Would you willingly go along with that? If you believe that your government is the source of your property rights, then you would have to. Otherwise you would be a hypocrite.

All Property is owned by the Crown, Via the Councils. I might own the physical structures on the Land, but they own the land. Even with full ownership, we cant change our structures without planning permission from the Crown, except in various loop holes to do with size and classification of structures. I never said Governments had control of banking...Banks have control of banking...and thanks to YOUR banks...we have seen people who have lost pensions and the likes...does that make the people of Wall street Tyrants? Recognition of Authority doesnt mean you have to go along with why you keep using "willingly" I dont know. After all...I know who you are on this Forum, but I still feel fine with telling you when I think your wrong. I recognise your authority, but I'm hardly "willing" to be silent as you would like on matters such as these

Then you are pretty ignorant of your own nation's history.

Really? Look on the Statute books...its called Common law...something you wouldnt understand since you've never lived under it. But its the right to repeal laws. Just because one King granted us a Law...doesnt mean later Kings did the same. Sorry its not the same with your Presidents.

Then you are pretty ignorant of the Bible as well.

I'm not the one who believes in Calvinism and a Loveless GOD.

It's only a contrary system based on your limited understanding.

Of Course...I was forgetting the American knows best I have the ability to see things from others perspectives...which is why I could do this whole debate by myself...coz I can factually fight both sides of most of the debates I enter, especially on here. Thats something you never could do. You couldnt write my side of this argument...but I could write a piece giving the arguments for GOD given Rights AND Gun control if I wanted to. Infact...I could do that better then you've done here in this thread. I'm not as dumbass as you think.

The Founding Fathers simply acknowledged that Jesus Christ was our one true King. The line of Biblical kings was passed on to Jesus thousands of years ago. Since He is still alive, then no human being can legitimately claim to be a "GOD-anointed" monarch. That job is not vacant and it never will be again. In this day and age, any human trying to claim that they have been anointed by GOD to be a monarch is simply a liar and a fraud.

Now thats the first proper counter you've made in the whole thread. I almost dont want to ruin it by answering...since its so beautifully composed. Christ is also the High I suppose in your eyes, anyone that has a calling to the priesthood is a liar and fraud no doubt that vacancy is filled also.

I wont confuse things further by saying the Jesus Christ was King BEFORE King David, before Any Monarch....he has always been King because he is are THEY Frauds and Liars also? and how about poor Zadok the Priest who it is inscribed in the Bible "Anointed" Solomon King? Tricked was he?

You're argument makes absolutely no logical sense. Are you saying that GOD-given right, by their very definition, must be unobtainable? That's nonsense.

CORRECT! I am saying the only GOD Given rights are from the Old Testament Law and that all of the Old Testament Law is unobtainable!

However, I can understand your inability to understand these concepts, since you've known nothing but a monarchy your entire life. It's not your fault, you just haven't learned to think outside of your little box yet.

Touche...coz living under Barack Obama must be...such fun

How can you? Based on your comments, you have obviously never really read it. The Pentateuch (aka The Torah) (aka Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy)(aka Mosaic Law), did NOTHING to set up a human monarchy. It actually sets up a theocracy, with GOD as the head of the government. It was only after Israel rejected GOD's form of government that He allowed them to have a monarch.

I Didnt say the Law set up Monarchy...I said in Old Testament times (I'll just quote you here) "He allowed them to have a Monarch" That was a direct permission...its not exactly a Right given to Israel...but as damn close as its possible to have one on a State level without the Old Testament Law

Pretty much everything you've said in this thread so far.
You may dissagree...but you shouldnt pretend you dont understand what I mean.
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