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Originally Posted by mikthehick
You know your a MMA fan when....

1) If you are a guy, you dream of being put in a rear naked choke by a girl (bonus points if it's by a girl you know).

2) You say in a conversation, "I train MMA" and people ask, "What is that?"

3) You say, I love Matt Hughes, and people ask, "Who is that?"

4) You have your entire gym bag in your car just encase you stop by the gym for a workout (and it contains tshirts, shorts, a mouthgard, boxing gloves, MMA gloves, and a Vidration

5) Your car smells funny in the summer cuz of all the sweat in it

6) You would default on a morgage payment to attend a UFC event

7) You drive 2 hours to meet matt hughes, and then get 4 hours of sleep AND get up in time for church and still be happy

8) You promise to yourself that all your future kids will be black belts in BJJ by the age of 15.

9) Your mom tells all her friends that you will 'outgrow' this phase (sorry aint gonna happen)

10) You try to convince your dad that it is a sport and not just a type of Greco-Roman wrestling.

Your number 6 is kind of a rip off of mine but yours ended up better.

And your number 8 is going to be true for my kids. And maybe with some kickboxing and karate and wrestling.
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