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Junior dos Santos vs. Cain Velasquez

Round 1:
Velasquez pushes toward dos Santos, goes for a single leg, and takes him down on the second effort. Dos Santos gets right back up. Velasquez continues to circle toward Dos Santos. Dos Santos goes for a right hand, but Velasquez switches levels and grabs a leg. No takedown, though. Cain continues to be the aggressor. Cain throws a two-punch combo. Velasquez again goes for the single and Dos Santos escapes. Dos Santos hits Velasquez with a left. A clinch along the fence, Velasquez throwing left hands. Velasquez starting to open up. A big right hand drops Dos Santos. Velasquez with a series of rights. Dos Santos gets up, and but Velasquez stays on him and gets another takedown. Final minute. Velasques raining down right hands. 40 seconds left. Velasquez with a takedown. Dos Santos gets up, but Velasquez has him again. Dos Santos tries to ride out the round. He does. An ear-splitting roar from the pro-Velasquez crowd.

Round 2:
Velasquez comes out swinging again. A huge takedown by Cain. Dos Santos seems to have no answer. Dos Santos tries to spin out, but Velasquez is just swarming him. Dos Santos is back to his feet, but Cain takes him right back down. Dos Santos back up. Dos Santos swings a wild left. Velasquez stalks him across the Octagon. Dos Santos on his hands and knees, Dos Santos tries to get up, but can't. Standing again. Right uppercut and a left by Velasquez. Two minutes left. Another takedown. Dos Santos throws him off. Cain grabs him and works for an arm bar. Back to their feet. Huge right by Velasquez.

Round 3:
Junior making more of an effort to counter early, but that soon becomes moot as Velasquez scored another takedown. Dos Santos is back to his feet. Velasquez has him tied up along the fence. Velasquez grabs a leg, but Dos Santos staves it off. Velasquez pops Dos Santos with a right hand which rocks him back against the fence. Dos Santos connects with an elbow and Velasquez answers with one in kind. Velasquez misses on a takedown attempt. Midway through the round. Velasquez opens up with a four-punch combo. One minute left. A scrmable sends both fighters to the ground, but they're right back up. Paces slows. Another huge ovation from the crowd.

Round 4:
Dos Santos' face is a bruised mess. Pace has slowed. Dos Santos lands an uppercut and a body shot. Velasaquez goes for a double-leg takedown, gets it, and Dos Santos is right back to his feet. Dos Santos with a body shot, Velasquez counters. Now Dos Santos goes for a takedown, but doesn't get it. He has Cain bodylocked against the cage. Dos Santos fires an elbow which misses. Velasquez scores a another takedown. We're standing again. Midway through the round. Velasquez with a pair of uppercuts off the break. Dos Santos shuffles off to safety, but Velasquez catches up to him. They break. Lots of clinching. Velasquez goes for another takedown, but doesn't get it.

Round 5:
The only intrigue left is whether Dos Santos can summon a home-run finish. Velasquez looks to pick Dos Santos up and slam him. JDS counters it by grabbing the fence. Dos Santos catches Cain coming in with a right, but Velasquez shakes it off. Velasquez goes for a takedown and pushes dos Santos all the way across the cage before dos Santos escapes. Midway through the round, Velasquez finally gets another takedown. Velasquez throwing right hands. Two minutes left. Dos Santos tries to posture up. He gets to his feet, but Cain relentlessly pursues him. One minute left. Velasquez keeps Dos Santos tied up. The pro-Velasquez crowd can sense it now. Velasquez stays on dos Santos all the way to the final horn.

Cain Velasquez def. Junior Dos Santos via unanimous decision to regain the UFC heavyweight title. (50-45, 50-43, 50-44).
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