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Chris Leben vs. Derek Brunson

Round 1:
Touch of gloves to start the fight. Herb Dean is your referee. Brunson goes for a kick, Leben catches him, they tie up, and Brunson trips Leben. Brunson postures up and Leben grasps for an armbar, but doesn't get it. Leben works for a triangle, but Brunson picks him up and drops him to the mat. Brunson in Leben's guard, lands an elbow. Leben nearly gets back to his feet, but Brunson takes him right back down and gets an arm triangle. Leben escapes. Two minutes left. Brunson lands a couple solid elbows from side control. One minute left. Brunson tries for a choke, doesn't get it. Leben back to his feet with 30 seconds left, but Brunson's all over him. Leben with a knee of the break as the round comes to a close.

Round 2:
Leben thwarts a Brunson takedown attempt, but ends up bodylocked against the fence. Leben stays on his feet after another scramble. They break. Leben tags Brunson, but Brunson shakes it off, shoots the double, and this time gets the takedown. Leben gets back to his feet and Brunson goes for a halfhearted standing guillotine. Midway through the round. Brunson staying out of Leben's range. Brunson appears to be breathing heavy. Leben with a low kick. Crowd chants for Leben. They clinch along the fence and break. Brunson fans on a high kick. Every time Leben looks like he's about to open up, Brunson grabs him and slows the pace. Leben whiffs on a big right in the closing seconds. Closer round, but still goes to Brunson.

Round 3:
Leben sprawls Brunson's first takedown attempt, but can't fend off his second. Leben doing more work from the bottom. Leben works his way back to his feet. Midway through the round. Leben catches Brunson with a left and misses on an uppercut. Brunson backs up and throws a left of his own. Leben throws occasional low kicks. Brunson looks up at the clock, 1:40 left. Crowd jeers. Brunson circles away from Leben and throws a left jab. Brunson fighting round three like someone who know's he's up on the scorecard. Leben connects with a couple punches, which prompts Brunson to score another takedown. Leben catches Brunson with an upkick. Back standing, closing seconds. Leben throws a couple uppercuts and that's it.

Derek Brunson def. Chris Leben via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).
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