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Brad Pickett vs. Eddie Wineland

Round 1:
Referee Yves Lavigne is the man in charge of the action. Pickett lands first, connecting with a stiff left hook to the jaw. Wineland answers with a right hand. And another. Left hook clips Wineland. Pickett ducks under a combination and tags Wineland. Huge shot puts Pickett on wobbly legs. Wineland lands flush once more, but Pickett seems to be alright. Wineland finds a home for another left and once again Pickett drops to a knee. Pickett changes levels and shoots for a takedown, but Wineland successfully defends. Wineland staying active with combinations. Pickett eats a counter hook. Wineland lands cleanly again as the horn sounds.

Round 2:
Pickett pumps his jab. Looping overhand right nearly lands flush for Pickett. Wineland catches a kick and fires back a straight right. Pickett misses wildly with an overhand right. Wineland tags Pickett and circles. Another straight shot snaps Pickett's head back. Both fighters trade combinations in the pocket, with Wineland getting the better of the exchange. Wineland throws out a superman punch. Pickett lunges in with an uppercut that misses. Restless murmurs start to rain down from the crowd. Straight counter connects for Wineland.

Round 3:
Pickett charges forward with an uppercut. Pickett jabs and briefly clinches, unloading a knee on his way out. Wineland walks into a leg kick. Right hand lands cleanly for Pickett. Neither fighter willing to commit too much to any exchange. Wineland slips a jab and circles. Looping hook cracks Wineland on the jaw. Pickett misses an uppercut from the pocket and eats a counter shot. Left hook connects on Wineland. Pickett turns on the gas as the clock counts down, but nothing lands flush. Wineland content to sit back and counter.

Eddie Wineland def. Brad Pickett via split decision (30-27, 28-29, 30-27)
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