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Melvin Guillard vs. Jamie Varner

Round 1:
Referee Chris Tognoni oversees the action. Leg kick lands for Guillard. Varner lunges in and misses with a right hook. Another leg kick from Guillard. The crowd already getting restless. Varner connects with a hard combination. Guillard blocks a high kick. Varner rushes inside only to be thrown away by Guillard. Varner presses forward against another pair of leg kicks. And another one. Varner ducks under and lands a wide, looping counter. More boos start to come down from the crowd. Guillard eats a wild hook. Varner briefly drops Guillard with a combination. Guillard trying to stay alive. Varner seizes a guillotine. It's in deep, but the horn saves Guillard.

Round 2:
Varner slips a straight punch and fires right back. Guillard finds a home for another leg kick. Varner changes levels and drags Guillard to the mat. Varner looking to take Guillard's back, but Guillard defends and flips Varner down. Guillard considers hunting for a guillotine, but quickly thinks better of it and stands. Huge head kick lands flush for Guillard. Varner is hurt, but still in this. Varner connects with a left hook, followed by a combination. Varner ducks under a looping hook and shoots for a double. He gets in, landing on top with Guillard sitting against the fence. Guillard slowly works his way back up. Guillard tossing out his jab. Big right hand connects for Varner. A wayward kick smashes Guillard in the nether region. Ooof, that looked bad. After a quick break, the action resumes with Varner on the aggressive. Flying knee nearly lands for Guillard.

Round 3:
Another Guillard flying knee opens the final frame. Varner changes levels and looks for a single, but Guillard defends. Varner tries again and this time he's successful. Varner hunts for a Peruvian necktie, but Guillard slips out and winds up on top. Varner scrambles and escapes, eating a knee on his way out. Varner quickly drags the fight back to the foor, landing in Guillard's guard. Guillard works his way to his feet, nearly giving up his back in the process. Almost immediately Varner takes him back down. Guillard clutches for an armbar from the bottom, before reversing into side control. Varner sweeps to retake top position. Guillard pushes him off. He has 30 seconds to make something happen. Guillard digs a hook into Varner's body and then clinches. Varner responds by lifting Guillard up and slamming him down sideways. The horn sounds as both men lie on the mat in a tangled mess of limbs.

Jamie Varner def. Melvin Guillard via split decision (30-27, 27-30 (WTH?!?), 30-27)

One of the judges is apparently legally blind...
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