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Leonard Garcia vs. Max Holloway

Round 1:
Referee Kim Winslow oversees the action. Holloway slips a combination. Garcias connects with a slapping leg kick. Holloway eats a big right hand. Huge shot drops Garcia, but only briefly. Holloway charges forward to capitalize, but sensing Garcia has regained his senses, backs up and take a deep breath. A classic looping punch unloads from Garcia. Garcia the far more agressive fighter so far. A straight punch staggers Holloway. Garcia beginning to open up and find his range. Holloway finds his mark with a spinning back kick. Another right hand puts Holloway on wobbly legs. Garcia lunges forward but the horn stops the action.

Round 2:
Holloway tosses out a spinning back kick. Holloway paws forward with his jab before missing another spinning back kick. Garcia connects with a left hook but eats a sharp counter for his troubles. Garcia picks up Holloway and slams his to the mat. Holloway quickly stands back up and retakes the center of the cage. Holloway lands a pair of right hands. Holloway ducks under a looping punch and smacks Garcia in the jaw with a straight counter. Garcia's corner imploring for their fighter to stay composed. Garcia starting to the open up with his combinations, shouting with every strike. Holloway clinches and lands a knee to the body.

Round 3:
Holloway digs in with a left hook to the body. Garcia staying aggressive. Holloway content to sit back and counter. Wild spinning backfist misses for Garcia. Garcia's hands are completely down now. Holloway eats a left-right to the jaw. Garcia throwing combinations with reckless abandon. This is the Leonard Garcia we all know and love. Holloway trying to stay active. Garcia changes levels and throws Holloway to the mat. Holloway briefly hunts for a kimura from the bottom but can't get it. Garcia allows Holloway back to his feet, but Holloway looks absolutely exhausted. A right straight smashes the temple of Holloway, who just clenches his teeth and fires back. Another spinning back kick from Holloway. The pair clinch and Garcia muscles the fight to the mat. Holloway looks for a triangle, but Garcia simply stands and slams himself free. The horn sounds and both fighters embrace in the center of the cage. Wild fight.

Max Holloway def. Leonard Garcia via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

BS decision.
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