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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
James (F34R) and Mike, I agree with both of you about this situation and this scumbag. However, I don't agree with the thinking that flirting is not cheating, and, I really don't like when the wife is used as the reason for why her husband is cheating!

I know a lot of people don't consider flirting as cheating, but I'll argue, why is a married person flirting if they haven't already crossed that cheating line in their head, thinking of taking things further? To my thinking, if you're married and flirting, you're flirting with cheating.

And, Mike, it sounds like you're blaming the wife for her husband's wrongdoing.

They said in the news video that, "even the court said her firing was unfair, but ultimately, decided it wasn't illegal." What's troubling is the precedent set with ruling that "employers can fire employees that they see as an irresistible attraction." I think this is leaving a big opening for abuse by employers, and for good employees, through no fault of their own, to be unfairly fired. I hope that someone can find a way to get this overturned the way it stands now.

Amy, Nate and Adamt, I didn't see anything in the article or video where it said this young woman did or said anything inappropriate in this whole thing. I think the court would have mentioned that if she had. It sounds to me like she was probably trying to handle this situation by just ignoring the inappropriate comments and behavior hoping he would get the message with her nonresponse. I could see where she might try to take that route first, but obviously, he was too blinded by his lust or just too thick in the head to get the silent message.

This guy is a louse.
I guess I just don't buy that the woman was completely innocent. By her texting him back and answered questions about her sex life, or lack thereof, she helped the dentist feel like the flirting relationship was ok. She may have been worried that she would lose her job if she spoke up, but then why keep the job? My soon to be husband would be super ticked off if one of the docs I work with asked me about our sex life. If one of the men I work with talked to me about a bulge in his pants over what I was wearing, I would take that as him flirting with me. I know that some feel that flirting can be harmless but it's too easy for that flirting to be taken farther and for emotions to get involved. It's a very slippery slope.
I'll agree that the dentist is a louse and he went to the pastor with his wife only after the wife caught him. However, I also think it's his right to fire her if that will save his marriage. He had to get out of the situation.


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