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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
Everybody is biased and it's not a negative thing, it's just been given a negative stigma in recent times. You can't get rid of your biases, you can simply identify them and learn to take them into account.

For instance, I'm biased to prefer a Christian worldview over a Muslim, Hindu or Atheist worldview. If you are married, then you are biased to prefer your wife over every other woman on the planet. If you have children, then you are biased towards your children's welfare over the welfare of other children. If you want to see a murderer convicted for his crimes, then you are biased to prefer law over anarchy. If you want to live, then you are biased to prefer life over death.

Biases exist in every part of our lives and they can be very good things.
I just take the word and meaning for what it is. It's based on unfairness. That is just something I don't have in my soul. If I prefer my wife over any other woman, it's completely a fair decision based on our relation ship and vows taken under God. The same goes for my children. Their welfare isn't associated with me based on unfair preferences I give them.
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