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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
I can't argue that reporters aren't biased and will skew their reporting. As for the title...she is on the video saying she's "devastated", and "being irresistible" is what she was fired for, or so the dentist claims. I think he did his wife's bidding and fired her because he knew his wife had seen the inappropriate things he had texted, and he was doing emergency damage control.

I have a feeling it was probably his wife's idea for them to go to their church pastor too so I'm not giving him any credit or brownie points. It's not like he grew a conscious and stopped and confessed on his own, and I think he'd still be doing it if he hadn't been caught.

Some of this is puzzling to me, for instance, why would her husband plead for her job back after finding out how inappropriate the guy was with his wife?

As to her being as innocent as she is claiming, guys can do these things completely on their own with no provocation or encouragement from a woman, stalking is a perfect example.
yes tis puzzling

i understand men can do it without any provocation, but i find it hard to believe that she would let it go on and on and on, i mean she has enough huspaa to file a wrongful termination lawsuit, i am sure she could have managed to stop the flirting or if need be file a sexual harassment lawsuit

she did text him back in most cases, and she says she viewed him as a father figure.... it's just weird
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