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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
Amy, Nate and Adamt, I didn't see anything in the article or video where it said this young woman did or said anything inappropriate in this whole thing. I think the court would have mentioned that if she had. It sounds to me like she was probably trying to handle this situation by just ignoring the inappropriate comments and behavior hoping he would get the message with her nonresponse. I could see where she might try to take that route first, but obviously, he was too blinded by his lust or just too thick in the head to get the silent message.
Yeah, but that could just be because the writer of the article is trying to skew public opinion in a certain direction. Even the way the title is worded seems to indicate that the writer wants us to choose the woman's side over the man's. Just because a statement from the court is not included in the article doesn't mean it's not there, that would imply that reporters are always impartial and never impose their own worldview onto how they present their stories.

Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
This guy is a louse.
But at least he's a louse who recognizes that he's a louse. That's the first positive step for any guy towards delousing.
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