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Originally Posted by adamt View Post
you guys might be right that he's a scum bag, but the fact remains, it is his business he should be able to hire and fire who he wants without reprucussion unless it breaks a contract with them. I HIGHLY doubt she is innocent in the matter but that is the issue here. the issue is should an employer have the right to fire someone?
I absolutely agree. If she never signed a contract, then he should be allowed to fire her for whatever reason without any consequences. If you penalize small businesses too much when they have to let their employees go, then small businesses will simply stop hiring employees.

If I owned a small business and was considering whether or not I needed an employee to help me with the workload, but the laws of my state were set up in such a way that if I hired somebody I would basically be stuck with that person for the next 20 years, then I would have to seriously consider whether I really needed an employee after all. So that's one potential job lost because the laws are set up to protect the employee over the small-business owner.
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