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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
I agree that a married man flirting with another woman counts as adultery.

But at least he's a dirtbag who recognizes the fact that he's a dirtbag and he went to his church for guidance on the matter. The worst thing would be a dirtbag who is somehow under the illusion that he is a decent person and doesn't think that he needs any help.

I'm not going to claim that this guy is a true Christian, but all signs indicate that he might be. Being a Christian doesn't mean that you never sin. Being a Christian means that you understand that you are incapable of NOT sinning. Thus you need to identify areas of temptation in your life and distance yourself from those areas as much as possible.
Yeah, I'm ok with the concept of this, BUT he only did the distance himself from the temptation after he was caught. If his wife wasn't in the equation here, and this lady was initiating the temptation, and he wasn't participating to the point he already admits to, then I wouldn't necessarily have a negative outlook on this guy.

After ten years with this woman and a co-worker, he is "tempted" now? Yeah.. I believe he was caught, and the woman wasn't participating like he was. She said her text messages were completely innocent. While, we already know his weren't; he admitted to it. Also, he's asked her about her sex life, orgasms, sent very "dirty" messages to her. Either said, or text messaged about this bulge should let her know he's into her... ugh. If she was tempting him NOW, why wasn't it for the past 10 years? I dunno, I can't find any rational ideas here that this woman participated, and he is doing the right thing.
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