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From the Mouth of a Monarchy Two Millenia in age...and a decendant of Mad King George....comes something which shows what Monarchy is all about

""This is the time of year when we remember, that GOD sent his Only Son, to Serve, not to be Served. He Restored Love and Service to the Centre of our Lives in the person of Jesus Christ. It is my prayer this Christmas day, that his Example and Teaching may continue to bring people together, to give the best of themselves, in the service of others.""

If you want to see her full speech its in the political section.

Queen Elizabeth believes that she was born, annointed by GOD, to Serve the Nation. You may have experienced a heratage lashed with the markings of the worst a monarchy can symbolize...I hope this shows you the best of Monarchy.

Try to understand that this is the Monarch who saw her Empire distroyed, Saw her Status reduced to figurehead, and yet despite all that she could well be the best Monarch that has ever rulled over us.

I think at this stage I will bow out of this thread. I have shown you clearly, where our Cultures dissagree, and given you my theological understandings that have led me to that place. Neither of us will change our position, because we are both indoctrinated into our respective cultures. To continue will just be to spiral into ever deepening irrelevence.

But I just wanted you to know that Monarchs can be good as well as bad.
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