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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
Also, we all know that Christ will return as a monarch. However, He is the only One who deserves that title. Just because we recognize that fact doesn't mean we need to bow the knee to just any human schlubb who claims to be anointed by GOD. Sure GOD anointed human kings in the Old Testament, but we need to remember that their demand for a king was considered a rejection of GOD.
I think thats ultimately because the Human King can not fully reflect Christ....and how damaged is the world because Human Kings have acted in ways which are contrary to their sacred annointing?

Would we even be having this discussion, if King George had done his duty concerning the collonies?

But there is evidences in the Scriptures for this method of politics being carried out correctly...and to the best of my knowledge there is no evidence of that being the case for a Constitution....Certainly not a Constitution that stands APART from the Governing body...and certainly not one that claims to be absolute...EXCEPT FOR...The Old Testament Law
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