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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
The King of England is not a God, anymore then your founding Fathers are Gods...both may grant you rights UNDER THE LAW...but that doesnt mean the Law They give you...or the Rights in those laws are from GOD...anymore then any politicians opinions on what should and shouldnt be rights
Are you intentionally misunderstanding this? It sure seems that way. You seem to be interpreting every single comment I make to mean exactly the opposite of what I intend it to mean. Are you trying to be irrational?

And what does the Calvinism thing have to do with anything? Can a person's views and understanding of GOD never grow or change over time? Besides I don't ever recall speaking out against Calvinism in the past. If you can present some posts of mine to that effect then I'd read them and consider your point.

Also, we all know that Christ will return as a monarch. However, He is the only One who deserves that title. Just because we recognize that fact doesn't mean we need to bow the knee to just any human schlubb who claims to be anointed by GOD. Sure GOD anointed human kings in the Old Testament, but we need to remember that their demand for a king was considered a rejection of GOD.
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