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Originally Posted by huan View Post
it doesn't matter what you believe, you do not understand U.S. government and the philosophy behind its founding if you think our government is the body granting ANY rights. founding documents are merely a reflection that those rights have always existed and are laws of nature, which are self-evident. government's role is intended to be nothing more than protection of the citizen and their individual rights, which obviously includes protection from governing bodies.

it makes me kind of sad really, that you think rights are granted from government. but I guess that's why when your government came knocking for guns no one put up any kind of a meaningful resistance.
Laws of Nature...and things which are "Self evident" are opinions which varry from person to person, from philosopher to philosopher. They are "opinions" and Opinions are not Facts.

Therefore you whose opinion are the "founding documents (are) merely a reflection that those rights have always existed and are laws of nature, which are self-evident." Logically speaking, that opinion lies with the people who wrote the constitution. That was a Federal Government of the 1780s.

In Political Philosophy, Rights come from Law, Law comes from Governments, Governments come from Kings, Kings are ordained by GOD to Rule. Therefore Rights come froma Human Being, who GOD has put in place. This is a fallen world, those are fallen people...therefore their Laws are not perfect, Their rights might be Just...or injust.

Without Order their is but chaos. Without Law, there are no Rights.

If you want to apply that to GOD, then look at his Law...if you can satisfy his Law, you may have the Rights that go with it....but good luck with that...his benchmark is permanent perfection and Holiness.
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