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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
People have the GOD-given right to protect their family and their property from harm. In order to do that in this world, you need to be armed.

Did you not read the part where I stated that the right to own firearms for protection was granted by the King of England as far back as 1689?

So, you can believe whatever you want about the source of our right to own firearms, but all you are doing is revealing yourself to be ignorant of your own nation's history.
The King of England is not a God, anymore then your founding Fathers are Gods...both may grant you rights UNDER THE LAW...but that doesnt mean the Law They give you...or the Rights in those laws are from GOD...anymore then any politicians opinions on what should and shouldnt be rights

GOD never says in plain English that you have a right to protect your family. You can INFER it, by saying that the Mans role is to lead the family and protect it, and therefore you need a firearm to be able to perform that function...but that is YOUR inference...your OPINION...its not a black and white solid "Right" Job a gun to protect his family wouldnt have made him any more successful would it now? You have one verse asking missionaries to by swords...and yet every time they draw those Swords, Christ tells them to quit it...and if you check your find they were all Martyred...which wasnt an accident.

GOD makes no Rights...thats why he makes Promises for things that are important, but that we are not afforded by Rights. Salvation, for example. That is an ESSENTIAL BIBLICAL TRUTH...particularly, for someone, like you, who did a U-Tern on Calvinism...My Goodness...if we all had "Rights" then we wouldnt need to be "Ellected" because our Sin wouldnt stop us...after all, the Law would have given us Rights, and we would be Righteous.

We're Not.

You have NO GOD-GIVEN dont even have the right to your own life. WTF do you think St Paul means when he talks about being a "Slave for Christ" St Paul was a Roman you know what Roman Slaves were? You were perchased, at no small cost. Something a lot of Evangelical Christians forget about. Salvation ISNT FREE...its only Free for you. The Debt was still paid, the Law was still settled. Make no mistake. You were bought, by Christs passion. You belong to Him. You own Nothing, You have No Rights...everything you get is a Blessed Gift.

We are all tremendously lucky that he Loves us at all. That is His Free Will.

Maybe you'd understand, if you understood what a Monarchy is...and that Christs Rule will be as a KING at worst, Emporar at best...We dont know exactly what form his Government will take. You could...if you were very staunch, say that just as a Roman Emporar rulled with a Christ will indulge the Christians in a little leadership ahead of governing the angelic host, as St Paul insists happens at some point. My Guess is that he wont. He will be Rex Celestis, Soverign Ruller of Earth and Heaven....if you dare step into his light without will face the same peril as those who came into contact with the Ark of the Covernant, without being specifically instructed to. Thats why the Temple had a wasnt to signify simply Holiness...but also for straight forward protection of the Sinner against a perfect GOD....being that the very spot of communion prior to Christ, between Man and GOD was the physical space above the Ark...He litterally sat upon a throne incasing his Law. Rather Spectacular. Something that Mortal eyes would not be able to behold without being first sanctified.

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