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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
If he cheated on his wife with her (which is something that I did not know), the he definitely needs to distance himself from her as much as possible.

Again, she's married too, so she would have cheated on her husband. Did she really want to continue to work for a man that she had committed adultery with?

However, as far as I knew, their relationship had never reached a physical level. It was only at the flirting stage.

Also, if this man's wife was uncomfortable with the woman working for her husband, then it was his duty as a husband to terminate her employment.
No, they didn't have sex.. but what he was doing was considered cheating in my book. Making advances to her they way that he reported it going. Why does he have to get her away? Why can't he control himself? I mean, really... if he gets her out of the picture, it's just a matter of time before it's someone else. Also, remember, he ONLY fired her because the wife caught him. So, he has no respect, or integrity. That woman says she never had anything to do with the progress he says that he has going towards an affair.

Basically, the wife of this guy is going to have to keep him in the house to try and keep him from doing what he was already trying to do.
I don't consider flirting as cheating. He was beyond flirting. If hes asking her about sex, her orgasms, talking about his "bulging pants", that's not flirting.
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