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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
You have NO GOD-Given Rights. Everything, EVERYTHING extended to you by the Almighty is an absolute gift. How DARE you think that He OWES you anything!?

You are a Sinner. You do NOT have the "GOD-Given" Right to have a Firearm. You have NO GOD Given Rights Period. You do NOT measure up to His Law. You have NO power to barter with Christ.

He Commands. You Follow. Its about as simple as that...and if you err from His Ways...well, Frankly...its your funneral
Well, congrats on totally missing the point.

Nobody is saying that GOD owes us anything. We are simply saying that the government has no authority to take away rights that GOD has granted. GOD can take those rights (or our lives) away anytime He wants and the Bible is pretty clear that He often does; but that's His prerogative, not the government's.
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