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Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
Obama gave federal workers a day off on Monday, December 24th. Since the holiday falls on a Tuesday, he decided to give federal workers the extra day to extend the holiday weekend.

As a federal employee I think, cool - free day off.

As a tax payer I think, WTH? If federal employees want to stretch out the holiday weekend, they should have to use a vacation day.

Super high debt. Facing the "Fiscal Cliff".
so let's spend some huge amount of money paying federal workers for a day not worked/earned.
honestly.... if i were you i would be worried, we have a royal mess and it's getting worse, still spending freely, granting holidays and such, and not getting anything done too fix it

If i were you, mike, i'd be worried I would be having ALOT of days off real soon, as in permanent days off
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