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Originally Posted by huan View Post
It is beyond obvious that you have little to no experience with firearms, as these types of opinions tend to go hand in hand with being uninformed. and your made up statistics about cops encountering more criminals than citizens is also laughable. tell that to my wife who walked in on someone robbing our home yesterday. it happens, and a heck of a lot more than you think.
Huan, I know that must have been a very frightening experience for her, for all of you.

Home invasions and robberies are happening more frequently now. You see these stories on the news constantly especially around the holiday season. These criminals are becoming more and more brazen all the time, they don't care if anyone is home or who they terrorize, hurt or kill. And alarm systems don't seem to be a deterrent at all...for homes or businesses. You can't feel safe anywhere, in your home, or out in public. Here are a few examples of crimes that happened in local and surrounding areas this past year:

A family was having a barbeque at their home with family and friends. They were sitting in their yard, having a good time when two men drive up, get out with guns and force them into the house and rob them. There are many stories like these taking place. Some of these criminals are posing as police officers.

Last Christmas, an elderly couple was followed home from the pharmacy. The guy waited outside their front door for his chance to gain entry. When the elderly man let their dog out, the man forced his way in and beat both of them with his bare hands, he beat the elderly woman to death. This couple were in their 80's, they had been married for 60+ years.

We had an incredible number of "smash and grab" robberies of businesses this past year. A lot of them were jewelry stores, one was in a mall, a lot of them in broad daylight, people all around, cameras recording them, they didn't care. That's how brazen these criminals have gotten. It was frustrating to hear each time that they had gotten away, and it was infuriating seeing them on video terrorizing and threatening people during these robberies. I admit when I saw the videos, I wished that someone had been able to take them out.
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