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Originally Posted by BradW View Post
sorry to hear that,hope your wife is okay,that indeed would be a very stressful thing to go through and it will take sometime to get over.

Did the person robbing your home have a gun huan ?

have the police found him or are they looking for him ?

i never made anything up huan...the police do indeed confront a lot more criminals then civilians do.

and i have plenty of experience with guns.
giving thanks to God my wife and kids are okay. I do not know if the criminal entered unarmed but they managed to escape with a couple of my firearms in the process. my primary semi-auto pistol and my go to bolt rifle for deer season. police are still investigating, here's to hoping the prints turn up someone. lets just say the suspect is extremely fortunate I was not the one coming home at that time.

while cops individually may encounter more criminals on an individual basis, it stands to reason that there are far more private citizens and criminals than armed policemen and policewomen. criminals and cowards typically also do not go out of their way to solicit attention from individuals who are armed, which obviously includes the police force.

were you aware the clackamas mall shooter in oregon a couple weeks ago was deterred by a citizen who was carrying concealed? when faced with this armed civilian who drew on him the coward no longer had unprotected sheep to prey upon and the coward wolf's course of action was to run to the nearest stairwell and commit suicide. the civilian did not even open fire, as he was not sure he could engage the threat without wounding one of the many victims trying to escape the chaotic situation. how many lives did this civilian save? we will never know, but that man is a hero and I would be proud to shake his hand.

several months ago here in Phoenix a young 14 year old boy who was babysitting his 3 siblings shot a home intruder and protected those precious little ones from evil.

these types of stories are endless, yet the news typically does not cover many of them as such stories do not agree with their and our government's anti-gun and disarm agenda.

you claim to be familiar with guns, but I cannot comprehend how someone who is so familiar with guns can be of the opinion that making it harder for law abiding citizens to come by a type of tool is somehow going to deter law breakers, outlaws, and evildoers. what types of guns I own for my own and my families protection is nobody's business, and especially not the government's.

civilian access to firearms of ALL types is the last line of defense in this country. God help us if we disarm the sheepdogs just because the sight of the sheepdog's teeth reminds the sheep of preying wolves. what a sad bunch of cowardly sheep we have become...

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." -- Ben Franklin.
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