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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
Except for the fact that law enforcement officers frequently put their own safety ahead of the citizens they are supposed to serve and protect.

As the saying goes, "when seconds count, the police are only minutes away."

But that doesn't mean the police will actually do anything when they get there because police are under no legal obligation to prevent crime or prevent harm to regular citizens. Anytime victims of crime have tried to sue the police for dereliction of duty in preventing violent crimes, some of which have lead to deaths, the victims have lost as the courts usually side with the police.

Look up Warren vs. District of Columbia, 444 A.2d 1 (DC 1981), in which police officers allowed three college girls to be raped and brutalized for over 14 hours after the girls had called 911 for help. The police arrived on the scene, knocked on the door and when the rapists didn't answer the door, because they were too busy raping the girls, the police left. When the girls tried to sue the police force, the courts ruled on the side of the police. The rapists were only armed with one knife. A single handgun in the possession of one of the girls could have prevented the entire crime. It's hard to imagine a gun making the situation much worse.

Then look up Town of Castle Rock vs. Gonzales, 545 US 748 (2005). A couple had gone through a rough divorce and the husband was given a restraining order stating that he was not allowed within 100 feet of his wife or his 3 daughters, under penalty of law. The police were ordered to enforce the restraining order by any means that they saw fit, including arresting the husband if he violated it. Unfortunately, the husband did violate his restraining order and kidnapped his daughters. The wife called the police but they refused to do anything about it for several hours and kept telling her to call back later. She finally went to the police station at 12:50 AM and one of the officers took her report, then went to get something to eat. The husband did eventually show up at the police station at around 3:20 AM.... shooting. He was gunned down by the police, but it was too late. He had already killed all three of his daughters.

When the mother tried suing the police officers for not taking action sooner and not enforcing the restraining order, the courts sided with the police.

American citizens have no Constitutional right to protection from the police. We do have a Constitutional right to carry weapons to protect ourselves, however.

So, if someone thinks they don't need a gun because the police will protect them, then they might be in for an extremely rude awakening at some point in the future.
it sounds like your legal system could use an over haul.

i never ever said people shouldn't be able to protect themselves with guns
and have guns readily available to them...i just think certain types of guns should have greater restrictions on them and some banned completely.

tell me Nate if someone was breaking into your house and you were home
do you think you would have time to get your hand gun out of the lock box
and load it in time to confront them or not ?

or do you think your hand gun doesn't need to be in a lock box but maybe in your night stand or desk drawer so its easily accessible to you.

I honestly hope you never have to find out but what i will say is if someone broke
into my house i have a 30-30 that im sure would be just as effective at stopping
someone as a hand gun or an assault rifle but would be impractical for going out and
killing a large group of people...mostly because my rifle will hold only 5 plus one in the chamber.
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