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Originally Posted by flo View Post
Huan, that's horrible, I hope your wife is OK and that they weren't able to get away with anything! I worry about the same thing.

And you are absolutely correct, in large part the police come after the crime or, in the best-case scenario, during. They cannot anticipate crime, they respond to it. We law abiding citizens are the ones who must initially confront criminals (except in the obvious cases such as motor vehicle infractions, etc) and I want to have the protection and reassurance of a firearm if I have to confront a break-in or assault until the police can arrive.
you do know flo that most private citizens that are killed in north America in
their own homes actually know the person pulling the trigger and the likely hood
of someone you dont know coming into your house and threatening you is very small indeed....
unless of course you live very near places where drug users frequent.
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