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Originally Posted by BradW View Post
law enforcement are paid to protect the public and in doing their duty they routinely
have to deal with gun toting criminals and need access to something other then a hunting rifle
to protect themselves from harm.

private citizens on the other hand hardly ever encounter criminals,most of the time a persons life is only endanger when a mentally disturbed person
flips out and trys to kill everyone in sight...or maybe its someone thats just had enough of their spouse or family or coworkers,but no matter what the reason if these
people didnt have access to hand guns and assault rifles the death toll would surly be a lot lower.
a person can be killed by any gun but to kill a group of people it is much easier
with a semiautomatic or fully automatic hand gun or rifle then it is with a hunting rifle.
It is beyond obvious that you have little to no experience with firearms, as these types of opinions tend to go hand in hand with being uninformed. and your made up statistics about cops encountering more criminals than citizens is also laughable. tell that to my wife who walked in on someone robbing our home yesterday. it happens, and a heck of a lot more than you think.
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