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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
Yeah, that's what everyone told the Revolutionaries in colonial times. They were completely outgunned and outclassed by the British military; but America won its independence just the same.

Oh, I thought you were actually going to provide a link to a news story, so that we could all read it and share this information. But instead it seems that you're only here to start a fight and insult anyone who disagrees with you.

Maybe you should allow us time to mourn and time to process this tragedy, before getting on here and pushing all of your anti-gun opinions. Your attitude is very disrespectful so I think you need a few days to cool off.
my attitude is disrespectful ? no more then yours is Nate.

one of the children that was killed on Friday actually lived in my community and
a few months ago her family move to Newtown in order for her mother to take a job there.
now although i didnt know this girl personally i have a friend that knew her and her family very well and i have been talking with him about this tragedy ever since Friday...
my friend and his family are mourning the loss of not only this girl but all the victims and im grieving right along with him.

now,as far as my anti-gun opinions go...well,i dont have a problem with guns at all,in fact i probably own more guns then you do...
but i dont have any hand guns or assault rifles because i see those as weapons intended for one purpose only...killing people.....and i dont think they should be in a private citizens hands.

and while i dont have any my brother in law does,he owns a few hand guns but he keeps them in lock boxes and the lock boxes are kept inside a gun safe
and he is the only person in his family that can get at one else knows the combination to his safe...not even his wife.
he does however have numerous other guns as in hunting rifles that his family does have access to.

so you see Nate...every assumption you made,was wrong.
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